Fari Bradley: Hearing on Mute

Fari Bradley, Hearing on Mute

19 October – 10 November 2019

Fari Bradley (b. Iran) is sound artist, composer and arts-broadcaster who works with listening, language and the environment to question our sense of self and our place within the society and nature.  Bradley’s practice spans performance, broadcast, installation and sculpture, and revolves around experimental music, listening and exercises in modes of communication. 

Bradley’s sculptural works employ treated found objects, textiles and electronics, while live performances overlay architecture, public space and history. Often centered around sculptural installations, Bradley’s research-based practice, also involves collaborations, from performing with noise improv quartet Oscillatorial Binnage from 2016-2013, into the sound-art duo Bradley-Weaver, working together with Christopher John Weaver in the Middle East since 2013.

The project is supported by University of the Arts London.